Mad Hungry Spurtle Wood Utensil Set

Here is the Mad Hungry Spurtle Acacia Wood Utensil Set. The best-selling set in the world. It has four designs to meet all your kitchen needs.

As seen on TV, the set of 4 non-stick kitchen utensils, premium acacia wood finish. Specially designed for stirring, scooping, mixing, scraping, scraping, spreading, serving and more.

It’s a spatula, a spoon, it’s a Spurtle.

Features and Benefits

  • Multiple uses, replace most of your kitchen utensils
  • Premium acacia wood
  • Unique design for stirring, flipping, scratching, spreading and much more
  • Don’t waste food
  • The tip adapts perfectly to the corners and edges of the pans
  • Naturally light

More Features and Benefits

  • Solid
  • Antibacterial
  • Very robust
  • Easy to hold
  • Excellent material
  • Very easy to clean

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Spurtles 4-Piece Wood Utensil Set Includes

  • One (1) Original Spurtle
  • One (1) Medium Slotted Spurtle
  • Also one (1) mini Spurtle
  • And one (1) Thin Spurtle

Spurtle Wood Utensil Set

Spurtles prevent scratching pans or dishes during use. Which makes them perfect for stirring your recipes and scraping food from the edges into serving dishes.

They are easy to clean. Simply wash off with warm soapy water and pat dry.

The Spurtles Wood Utensil Set replaces all your space-consuming kitchen utensils, giving you versatile utensils for everyday use.

Declutter your counter and replace your bulky utensil set.

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