Granitesetone NutriBlade Knives Set

Introducing the Granitestone NutriBlade Knife Set ( High-grade stainless blades, no sharpening and dishwasher safe.

Benefits – The NutriBlade Difference

  • High quality stainless steel blades
  • Non-stick Granitestone
  • Easy-to-handle rubberized handle for comfort
  • Supreme control and durability
  • Dishwasher safe

Your Granitestone NutriBlade Deluxe 6-piece knife set includes all of these

Santoku Knife

Large and powerful, the Santoku knife cuts large fruits and chops onions with ease. Unlike the classic chef’s knife, the Santoku knife has only one bevel in its blade for a more precise cut.

Santoku means “three uses” in Japanese, which perfectly describes the work of this knife. Chopping, dicing and slicing. Santoku knives are perfect for making ultra-thin slices as well.

The Slicer

Perfect for slicing cooked or smoked meats, poultry or fish. The Granitestone coating makes the Slicer one of your favorite slicers. Its non-stick surface gives you perfect control when slicing.

Bread Knife

The serrated blades of the bread knives can cut through soft bread without crushing it. If the bread is soft and fluffy, it gets crushed. If the bread is hard and crusty, the knife can go over the surface. A serrated knife, like a saw, easily cuts through the bread without crushing or distorting it in any way.

Continued with the knives of the Granitestone NutriBlade Set

Ultralight Chef’s Knife

The king of kitchen knives. Specially designed with a reduced surface to reduce resistance while cutting. This, plus its Granitestone coating, gives the NutriBlade Chef’s Knife the power to glide through food like butter. This knife will be your go-to knife in your kitchen.

Utility blade

Ultra sharp and conveniently large, the NutriBlade Utility Knife is perfect for carving poultry, cutting cheese or slicing fruits and vegetables. It’s probably the knife you’ll use when you want to cut your sandwich in half.


Everyone needs a paring knife. The peeling knife is perfect for peeling or peeling. Fruits and vegetables and for other small, meticulous jobs like deveining shrimp. Removing seeds from jalapenos, or cutting small toppings.

Dishwasher safe

Focus on your delicious meal, not the chore of cleaning. Who has time to hand wash. With your Granitestone Nutriblade knife set, your set will go from drawer to countertop to dishwasher.

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