Bionic Flex Pro Hose

The Bionic Flex Pro Hose ( Limited time 50′ offer. Free shipping, not available in stores.

The most durable hose you’ll ever own

  • REINFORCED, COMMERCIAL GRADE super-strong tough polyester weave
  • E-Z CONNECT BRASS FITTINGS solid brass and crush-proof
  • WEAR & TEAR RESISTANT Leave it out and in the sun – no problem

50′ Hose offer. Only $19.95 + Free shipping. Is a new kind of hose

Bionic Flex Pro Hose

Commercial Grade

  • Bionic Flex Pro ( comes with reinforced, drag resistant, commercial-grade, outer polyester weave that makes for a tougher and stronger hose

Solid Brass EZ Connect Fittings

  • The EZ connect fittings makes connecting your hose to faucet a breeze. Plus the Bionic Pro’s fittings are solid brass for super durability

Tear Resistant

  • Other flexible hoses tear too easily. Bionic Flex Pro’s rugged design means your landscaping won’t cause any tears or holes

You Can’t Stop Bionic Flex Pro

50 feet of toughness and power. Never kinks or tangles. You can’t top it and you can’t stop it! Is the only Commercial-Grade hose that can be Tied in Knots and still work.

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The toughest hose you’ll ever own

  • Landscaping Proof
  • Crush Proof
  • Even Fire Proof

90 day money back guarantee

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