Battery Daddy Storage System Case

Introducing the Battery Daddy

Are there batteries here and there in your house? Finding the right size battery becomes almost impossible? And why do they always take up extra space?

What you need is the all new Battery Daddy. The battery storage system. It’s the new compact and portable way to organize, store and protect lots of batteries.

Turn a storage disaster into an organization like no other. The Battery Daddy uses both sides to store all types of different batteries even pellet batteries.

Unique design places batteries into groups for easy selection. You may even find some blindfolded.

Even better, you can store 180 batteries in the space of a laptop. Perfect for a cabinet, drawer or shelf.

Forget about fragile bags and messy containers. The Battery Daddy is always organized, guaranteed.

Features and Benefits

  • Two-sided design
  • Store and organize 180 batteries
  • Holds 78 AA, 64 AAA, 8 9-Volts, 10 Cs, 12 Cell and 8 D
  • Includes a battery tester to easily test your batteries
  • The batteries are separate and will not drain
  • Sleek and compact
  • Stores easily in a drawer
  • Safety latch
  • The batteries stay in place
  • Carrying handle

Compact and stylish design. The Battery Daddy fits easily in a drawer.

Advantages of Battery Daddy

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With its carrying handle you can take it anywhere. Use it during power outages so you’re never in the dark.

Have fun with new gifts right away, saving time and money. Batteries scattered everywhere can be dangerous but with the Battery Daddy they are safe and protected in their own compartment.

In addition, the locking cover lets you see everything at a glance and thus avoid unnecessary contact.

Use the battery tester to check the charge level and be sure to replace dead batteries with new ones.



No more endless searches in messy drawers. See how many batteries you can store. Find the right battery, every time.